Ana Jimenez

Pic 1 Inspire“As an artist, I have a never ending quest to learn from the world around me. In my exploration, I seek to become stronger so I may infuse strength in others.”

My influence in making art stems from a need for a story. Once a long time ago, a teacher told me I was a storyteller at heart. From years of singing, writing, and making art, I’ve grown to make stories and expressions beyond what I thought possible. I graduated from the University of Incarnate Word in 2013, receiving my BA in Art with a minor in Fashion Design. Also in 2013, I was honored to win 1st place in Neiman Marcus’s Illustration Board & Scholarship contest at Dallas Career Day. After an internship with Inspire, I became an Instructor and have been blessed to teach Youth classes since.

In the future I will to continue to teach art classes, do graphic design, be a storyteller, and grow love for expression.




Fay and the Monsters for Inspires pg.  SAMSUNGFarwind I series Final a