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Founded in 2005, Inspire Community Fine Art Center is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing enriching and beneficial art education experiences for learners of all ages. Inspire creates and celebrates the arts as a force for education and healing across San Antonio’s diverse cultural communities.

Visual Art Education Program

  • The Visual Art Education Program offers individuals ages 6-70+ classes in ceramics, technical and artistic welding, painting, drawing, jewelry making, and sculpture. In addition, a summer art camp, free family art days and discounted classes for seniors are offered. See current offerings here.

Art for Wholeness: Community Creativity

  • The Center’s community outreach program, Art for Wholeness: Community Creativity, began in 2006. The purpose of the program is to help children and adults cope with difficulties through a creative and constructive manner in order to promote wholeness and healing. The program helps enhance personal growth, deepen self-awareness, and offers a constructive outlet for handling emotional distress. We partner with several area agencies and organizations to bring the power of art education to the community. Learn more about Art For Wholeness here.

Inspire commits itself to maintaining a welcoming environment for all people and extends its welcome in particular to those who may be vulnerable to discrimination on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, disabilities, or sexual orientation.


Inspire Fine Art Center Board of Directors 2017

        Andrea Guadarrama- Chair,  Rene DeLaO, Dan McBain,  Kip Morrison,

         Norma Roberson,  Bill Zimmerman

"To advocate and celebrate the arts as a force for education and healing across our diverse cultural communities."

Your generous support keeps our doors open and keeps us sharing in the community.

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..."for education and healing..."

Since 2006, we've been sending our trained and professional artists/instructors to bring art to the community, click here to learn more: Art For Wholeness Programs.

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Scholarships Always Available

Students can apply for either whole or half scholarships. Ask for help at Inspire or visit our scholarship application page.  

1 scholarship per family per session is allowed. 2 scholarships per student are allowed within one calendar year.

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Art Supply Donations

Your donation of funds earmarked for art supplies is greatly appreciated!

Art supplies is the one commodity that has a very short shelf life. They are used for regular classes as well as our family and outreach classes and events.

While inspire appreciates the donation of supplies directly, we have found that ordering large quantities of regularly used items has been proven to be more cost effective.

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Inspire's Home is Historic!

Built in 1910 as a multilevel duplex, Inspire's building has proven to be a very efficient space for classrooms and creativity. We recently had a complete overhaul of the exterior walls thanks to the generous gift of the Semmes Foundation. But as with any older home or facility, there is always more to be done! Your gift earmarked for facilities can help us keep Inspire going strong in a safe and comfortable environment.


Whenever we get rain, the sculpting class area, ceramics room and welding class area all flood. This is primarily due to our location in relationship to our neighbors' up hill. A consultant has looked at the problem and a study from Civil Engineer is required to begin the drainage work involved.


The roof is soft and sagging in many areas. Some minor repairs have been made, but the whole roof will eventually need replacing.

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Some Of Our Outreach Programs


During the school year students visit Inspire monthly to create art.

Eva's Heroes

Eva's Heroes brighten our doors once a month to create art!

Family Art Day

Every Second Saturday we open our doors to the community's families to share art!

Alpha Home

Helping women in transition rediscover themselves through art.

Some of Our Community Partners

Inspire works with various human service and education organizations in San Antonio providing art programs that fit community needs.

Woodlawn Academy

Providing after school art enrichment clubs for 1st-5th grade.


Art classes provide a constructive outlet for emotions and help participants develop their own talents and abilities, as well as exercise their imagination.

Clarity Child Guidance Center

Providing youth with time to explore their feelings through art.