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Our apologies for the slightly awkward check-out process below to make a donation; we’re looking for a more simple option.

To give a donation:

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  • Enter your amount in the “Add Donation” box (left hand side of the check-out screen)

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Thank you for your generosity!



We appreciate your donation to help fund Inspires general operations and supply costs. Please see this table of how your money will benefit our community:

  • $25———– Art Supplies for a week of youth or children’s classes
  • $60————Art supplies for one Free Family Art Day
  • $135———– Art supplies for one week of Summer Camps
  • $150———–One field trip for one grade level from Lamar Elem
  • $200———–One evening of art classes for Eva’s Heroes young adults
  • $250———–Scholarship for a student who takes classes at Inspire
  • $500———–One month of outreach at Alpha Home
  • $1,000———Two months of field trips for all of Lamar Elementary

Mission Statement:
“To advocate and celebrate the arts as a force for education and healing across our diverse cultural communities.”


Inspire is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are greatly appreciated.