Adult Drawing

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Drawing Dynamics for Teens and Adults (Session 2)

Instructor: Lynn Denzer

Thursday, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

2/23/17-03/23/17  (5 Weeks)


Drawing can be simple, natural and fun.  If you can see you can draw.  Like Leonardo Da Vinci, your drawings can be a reflection of your experiment in seeing.  In this class you can approach your experiments in drawing with a delightful anticipation of discovery. Your teacher will guide you through basic to more thorough techniques to  draw from what you see and what you want to compose through your imagination..


Supply List –-suggested brands are in italics  
  • graphite pencils: 6-H, 4-H, 2-b (Kimberly) 
  • charcoal pencil (Prismacolor)
  • blending stump
  • colored pencils    (Prismacolor or Prang)
  • artist pen (waterproof) 2 of choice (Faber-Castel)
  • eraser
  • 2 sharpeners (separate one for colored pencils)
  • 2 sketch pads (9×12 and 11 x14)      (Strathmore)
    • one smooth pad and one rough (with assorted tints in one and one white)