Adult Ceramics & Stone

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Figurative to Abstract – Clay

Instructor: Trace Guthrie

Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.



Student will learn the fundamentals of analyzing forms and to solve construction challenges. With 40 years experience, the instructor will help you to avoid pitfalls in building clay sculpture while helping you to develop your own visions.

Open to beginners and advanced students, no experience required

*Lab Fee: $30
(includes log of clay and use of tools)


Here’s a list of items that will help diminish frustrations thus leaving more room for creativity and happy thoughts

  • Workboard;  suggested size 13x 13x 3/4 . It’s important that this board is flat and not warped
  • A couple of shear plastic bags. Those white 5 gal. bags are ideal.
  • Lazy Susan; Plastic spice tray or metal ball bearing Susan at Home Depot
  • Tuna or cat food can for water finger bowl.
  • Plant mist water bottle
  • Paper towels and or terry cloth wash rag.
  • A Dollar Store shower curtain will relieve you in clean up . One piece for the floor under work area as well
  • Later on when you carve down your project have a plastic gallon bucket to recycle scraps
  • A dull butter knife.
  • A cheap sketch pad or a spiral notebook will do.. IMPORTANT
  • Butter or cottage cheese container with a snap top for preserving slip (your ‘glue’ )
  •  Photos, illustrations, etc for models and inspirations, If you draw a blank at first , we will do a step by step project that allows you to practice control of shaping clay.
  •  Toothbrush to clean your cuticles.. I will have a 5 gal. water bucket for hand cleaning thus keeping as little clay going down the sinkhole.  Of course you will want to wash your toothbrush thoroughly before you take it back home to clean your teeth.
  • For sculpting I find there is a better shaped tool  than the wood tools that potters use. So,…I make two tools that are most useful to me and I will supply them both for $3.oo . But if you see some of the curved wood tools that look interesting to you.,…then go for it. Also I make a nice little mallet out of a 2×4 for tapping things into shape. $3.oo (optional)

Stone Carving

Instructor: Susan Calkins

Date/Time: Thursday, 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

06/15/17 – 08/19/17


You will be introduced to one of the oldest art mediums-if not “The” oldest-carving in stone. You will learn basic techniques in hand sculpting using mallet and chisels, air hammers, rasps, and more.

Lab Fee: $30

Includes use of carving tools, pneumatic equipment and one large piece of stone (usually limestone) to start your project.